Download with hidden button? Or only streamed?

Can someone tell me if a notification from Nextcloud that Mp3 have been downloaded via public link, where I have the
Download button to hidden, was really downloaded or just an inaccurate translation of the notification text? The notification appears in German.
So streamed but not downloaded? Thanks!

I think in activity you only find on download an entry. Maybe you can zip the mp3 and then it is logged.

Thanks. By zipping, they wont be able to listen to the mp3? Streaming in Nextcloud should work like in soundcloud, that would be awesome!

It is possible by adding /download to share of mp3 file

Also look

Thanks. That i know and I am using it. The point is, I checked “hide download button” but get the info, that the files where downloaded. I guess it might be a translation problem. But I am not sure!

You can not really deny download.