Download/Upload files fail

Hi there,

I’ve installed the iOS client today and I can’t download or upload any files. The login to the app works fine, I can see the file structure but every time I try to download a file which is on the server I have the error: “Error, file not downloaded”. For the upload (e.g. a picture), it seems to upload it (the loading bar is progressing) but it never appears on the server side. I don’t really see where it could come from… On the server side, I have activated SSL connection, encryption (home directory as well) and enabled UFW. The web interface (downloading/uploading) works all fine.

Nextcloud 10.0
Nextcloud iOS 2.11

Happy to share screenshots/log if needed. Thank you for you help


Can you connect the ios-client to

Thank you for your reply. Using (user:demo), I have the same problem. I can see all the different folders but I get “Error, file not downloaded” when I try to download a file

Hi Alex, this is really a strange case … iOS Version ? iPhone version ?

Free space on your phone ?



1.9GB Free Space
iPhone 6
iOS 10.0.2

Thanks again for looking at it.

oh ! Alex is not possible ?!? :-)))) mmm jailbreak ?

Nope, no jailbreak on the iPhone

Settings -> Exit Nextcloud then remove and reinstall Nextcloud iOS from Appstore …

Please let me know if this resolves your issue!

I’ve tried this morning, still the same problem

This week, i publish new version, if the problem persists with new version we feel in chat-web-conference spreedbox.


Ok perfect, thank you

I’ve just tried with the updated version of the app and it works fine. It’s awesome ! Thanks again for looking at it.



I have the same problem…ios 12.x…nextcloud server is up to date v15