Download\Upload File for School

Hello Everyone, my name is Riccardo.

I need a solution for a school.
They need to have a Download\Upload section for Teachers and Students.
Let me explain:

  • The Teacher should upload a test.
  • Students would download it on their PC.
  • Once they have finished the test, they would upload it on a folder that only the teacher can have the access.

So students would not see the other tests and once they have upload, they can’t edit it because they would have any access on the teacher “tests folder”.

Can I make this with Nextcloud?

Thank you so much

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Hi! There are several ways to accomplish this, but the most basic would be with sharing (right side details menu of files and folders).

  • are the students actual users on the Nextcloud?
  • or, are they guests (not users)
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Hello and thanks for your reply!

Well, the Nextcloud isn’t up yet.
I’d like to connect Nextcloud to the LDAP server.