Download speed limit per user

Hi I have setup (tech and me VM) a ubuntu/nextcloud 11.0.1 system on a quadcore 2.8 with 4Gb of ram.

I am setting up external file share and I seem to be hitting a 10-11 Megabytes per second limit per user downloading.

I can have 4 users downloading the same file at the same time but they are all limited to 10-11 MB each.

CPU usage hovers around 10-15% with all 4 users.

Is there a setting I can check that imposes this artificial limit?

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I am in a similar boat as you, I don’t have a fix, but to contribute, for me this only happens over a WAN connection. I am able to verify in my PFsense firewall that no other upload bandwidth is being used. I have a 50 Mbp/s upload connection.

By any chance have you figured out what is causing this for you?