Download slow only on windows OS

Hi! I have an issue with only downloads from Windows-computers. Some of my clients are complaining that they have to wait about 3 hours with an 40mb files. I also tested and get the same problem with librarys computer (other server downloads were fine) I am aware that this might (and probably is) server related issue and nothing to do with Nextcloud but i can’t find the reason and im hoping to get help here anyway. I have an wireshark pdap from the issue and my setup is 16.04.3 LTS PHP 7.1.9-1 mysql Ver 14.14 and Nextcloud 12.0.2 Anyone else having a same problem?

Download via web-interface is also slow? Some hints how you can gather more information:

Thank you for the hints! Web interface is the problem here. I will now try troubleshoot with these and will come back later with the results. Thank you :slight_smile:


I cant find the problem. I checked all the logs (apache and nextcloud) and found nothing. I checked my php modules and there was not any of those that could potentially do some failures. When im trying to download a file in Windows OS with every browser it is very slow and gives a NETWORK_FAILED eventually. Im confused about this one.

Similar here. Slow in web browser and (more) slow on WebDav. I am on 12.0.3. Tearing my hears out … Not usable for production environment. Any body out there who has a clue?

(Edit: ironic or not, but seconds after I wrote the above message Nextcloud worked as snappy as before. Sorry for my impatience. It took, however, some 10 to 12 hours before it was snappy again).

I found something from the log files. Is there something to fix? Lots of jobs with IDs? Something to do with apc_cli perhaps?

Is this only on Windows clients? So Mac or Linux work better?

PHP 7.1 is not standard on Ubuntu 16.04, any special reason to not use the default 7.0? External packages can be tricky to install and create problems on your system. From the slow clients, how fast is the upload via SFTP in comparison?

Do you use caching modules (redis, apcu, …)? The error with the not accessible path is a bit strange and should not happen. Running cronjobs will alsways create some noise in your debug logs that is normal.

Hi and Thank you for the answer! Yep, the strange thing is that only (i suppose some of the) Windows clients have the issue with donloadings (not uploading!). I just installed the php 7.1. without thinking it more… Maybe downgrading might be and worth of trying. I use ‘memcache.locking’ => ‘\OC\Memcache\Redis’, ‘memcache.local’ => ‘\OC\Memcache\Redis’ I changed local memcache from apcu to redis yesterday. Still same failures about path not accessible OC\Files\Cache\Scanner.

I ran a speedtest-cli with putty in windows computer and got 192 Mbit/s on download speed and 19.2 Mbit/s on upload. So everything seems ok.

You can try with a test setup here if it is a client problem: