Download quotas and permissions - Limit how much or what a user can download, while still seeing what is available

Hi everyone. I have been wanting to give some of my friends access to my Nextcloud so they can view some of the content I have available to them, without giving them access to download it. I have a very slow upload and a capped connection, so it is not really feasible to share my files via the web. That being said, I want them to be able to see a listing of what is available so they can provide me with a list of things they want and I can share them via a portable HDD/SSD. I know this kind of defeats the purpose of having Nextcloud, but I have different use cases for myself vs my friends. Perhaps someday when I have a decent non-Comcast connection, I can actually share large files with people.

The two ways I was thinking of allowing people to view the files in my Nextcloud, but not download them, would be to set a download quota of say 1MB a month. Alternatively, I could give them permissions to view the directory structure, but not actually download any files. As far as I can tell, neither of these options are available as either built in functionality or via an app in the store. Am I missing something that would allow this? Is there another option I could use that would achieve the same end goal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aren’t people getting more and more fiber connections even at home? Until then, let’s think about two option (which are not available …):

  • add an option that gives a per user bandwidth quota to share files
  • create a new app, where people can “order” files and then you have a script that puts all these files in a zip-file on some external device (hdd, usb-stick).

Both options don’t exist for now but you can try to program these options yourself or find other people to realize such functions together.


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I do not have the programming skills necessary to realize either of these functions. If anybody on here wants to take on this task, I’d be happy to kick some “development costs” their way.

Hi @oRAirwolf

You could write a request for that in the #nextcloud-freelancing category.

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