Trying to download from the website, or wget either zip or bz2:
GnuTLS: Error in the pull function.
Unable to establish SSL connection. @ Hetzner offline?


Of course after an hour of waiting and trying this post, it now works… LOL Thanks

:cry: I guess this was not a good day to think about switching to Nextcloud. … Unfortunately the download is still offline.

Tried downloading from website and also directly from server - both fail.

Are you doing maintenance today? Is there a status page I should be looking at that would tell me this?

Many thanks.

Seems to be working again :slightly_smiling_face:


Trying for the past 15 minutes to download Desktop Client but page is not loading. Any info on this? Any alternative links?

thanks is still offline, I can’t update my nextcloud for the past 2 hours. When I browse to it is says that the server took to long to answer.

Same here, shows as offline for me too.

@jospoortvliet is there maintenance work going on or why are the servers offline?

All links working for me now. Funny, it was my day too to make the jump to NextCloud. Not the best first impression. But the install went without issue.

The Download Sever is working again.

@JanDragon thx, I just updated successfully

@blackshade With pleasure