Download Link for Nextcloudpi does not work

Hi all,

the download from here Index of /downloads/NextCloudPi_RPi_03-02-22/ leads to corrupt files only, as download keeps stoping before the image is tranferred. Torrent has no peers.

I have tried via docker - but I am missing functionality with that.

Any ideas?

Thank you - Jochen

I can see 1 peer for the torrent file.

What exactly is broken. I can unpack the archive and then get a *.img file. Is that image file broken?

Tried it just now… No corruption for me.

Got 26 peers on the RPi-image-torrent.
So the torrent should work.

Hi all,

thank you for testing. Still no luck here. Tested on several machines, several OS, several Torrent clients. The torrent clients do not see a single peer, downloading via browser stops several 100 MBs before the file is downloaded. However, I did never experience these problems with other downloads.
Is there an alternative download available?

Thanks & BR

Well, your torrent engine is broken…
Let me know if you want me to upload the files and sent it to you…

Hi stratege1401 - thanks for your efforts. I finally tried the edge browser :wink: ,… and did manage to download the complete file. Server on Pi now is already up and running - great luck that I am now able to avoid using ubuntu appliance nextcloud…

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