Download just 200kb/sec


my company just setup Nextcloud for homeoffice and stuff.
I just installed the Windows client (Windows 10) and choosed one 15GB Folder to sync. The download speed is superslow (first 90kb/sec). I disabled use proxy in the settings but still not more than 200kb/sec.

At my work I also created a “link” so I tried downloading via browser but there it’s even slower with about 60kb/sec. I can’t believe this is the normal download speed?

Also tried to find help here but seems this is more for people setting up their own server plus php stuff etc… I have no idea about that.

Hope someone can help! :slight_smile:

My provider is vodafone 100Mbit cable.

The download speed is mainly influenced by the server power, the networks/wifi speed and the internet connectivity in your company and at your home. The total speed is always the result of the slowest component in the chain. An 100Mbit/s internet connection does not automatically mean that the uplink speed is the same. It might be possible that this is significantly slower, e.g. 5 Mbit/s etc.

I would recommend to speak with your network and server administrator and ask him for help by running e.g. the following tests to find the root cause of the problem:

  1. Check server and LAN performance by accessing the server using a PC connected to your company LAN via a network cable.
  2. Check server and WIFI performance by accessing the server using a WIFI connection in the company LAN.
  3. Check server performance over the internet using a PC connected via a network cable.

Ok, I call the admin.
Thanks :slight_smile: