Download from NextCloud instance is slow

I am having an issue with downloading from my NextCloud instance. I am trying to download from a laptop connected from outside of my local network. If I go to speed test it shows it should have about a 37 mbps download rate, but nextcloud shows it downloading at about 72 kbps. Any idea why there is such a difference and if there is anything I can do to remedy it? Details of my system are below.

Nextcloud version: 13.0.0
Operating system and version Ubuntu Mate 17.04 on RPi3
Apache 2.4.25
PHP version 7.0.22

Many Thanks.

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me too, but I am using CENTOS7 , Nextcolud 13.0.6, Apache 2.4 and php 7.0

Like this, nobody can help. I’d first check the connection speed to the Nextcloud server (via ssh or other ways). If it turns out to be Nextcloud, there are several parts. Easiest is to check the logs for some obvious errors, if it isn’t an error, the configuration is perhaps not optimized to your system (check the system resource usage during the transfer, cpu, memory, i/o operations).