Download Files from NCP (e.g. log files)

Hey. I guess this an uncoventional support topic but I just spend 2 hours searching the web and forums as well as chatting with our new AI overlord.

I feel like this should be simple. I want to download a file, that is somewhere on the filesystem of my pi. Let’s say it’s the nextcloud log.

sudo scp -v pi@ "D:\Downloads"

This is what i tried. After adding permissions for the pi user to that file, this command throws an error. It can’t resolve the hostname. But this is the ip of my pi on the local network, isn’t it?

Am I missing something? Is there maybe a better way? I want to be able to download log files for trouble shooting, since I don’t fancy scrolling through them on my terminal…

Oh, and I also tried using bitvise’s build in SFTP. Doesn’t let me download anything, must be a permissions thing. But I’m logged in with pi, which should be the root user?

Anyways, I hope someone can help me. Thank you!