Download failed

i have nextcloud 17 and onlyoffice last version on ubuntu lxd.
fram webpage in myclod copy and moved some folder, after that all moved document failed to open error says: Download failed. Press “ok” to returnto document list

from nextclod log when i try to open it: Exception":“OCP\Encryption\Exceptions\GenericEncryptionException”,“Message”:“Bad Signature”,“Code”:0,“Trace”:[{“file”:"/var/www/nextcloud/apps/encryption/lib/Crypto/Crypt.php",“line”:467,“function”:“checkSignature”,“class”:…

maybe they weren’t fully enchrypted, then…
depending on the speed of your machine and the amount of data that needed to be encrypted…

just try again in a little while

hello Jimmy, can you please explain, what should do it now. i really hangs on it. thanks. and it not working for all moved directory all other is working fine.

i dunno know how big/large those files/folders from mycloud were…
and how you got them copied to your nextcloud.

in case of drag & drop it really could take a while…
plus apparently you have turned enchrytion already on… which means: every single file that you’re transferring to your nc needs to be enchrypted. that might take a while (depending upon how fast your installation computer is/works).

so my suggestion was: just wait a while and let your machine do the work… and then go and check again

i don’t know how big was directories (client has moved) if i from files system as root login to ubuntu and move it in old place will then work? it’s going more that 3 hours and still is not work.
the server is fast but user was in vpn with very low connection of vpn.

so you have MOVED the files from my could to your nc rather than only copying them?


i can’t answer your question in that case

no no. customer has moved (ordinary copy moved from web site) to other folder for the 4-5 hours ago.
What i asked is, it will be help to move back to older folder not from web site but moving from ubuntu file server?

try it… but noone can guarantee that it’s gonna work

it’s working when i just moving file in file systems to other folder. but i don’t know it working in my case. that file i moved it’s already working. but i don’t know what happen when i moved a file that already failed to open