Download Emails for faster reads?

Hi there,

I was wondering if Nextcloud is able to download emails as they come in? So I can read my emails instantly instead of the few seconds it takes for each and every email.

Is that possible through some settings? Or maybe it’s a addon in Nextcloud?

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No, this isn’t possible yet nor do I know if is a planned feature. Nevertheless you might think about creating a feature request in the GitHub repository of the app to address this functionality.

Download to you Nextcloud or your client? I think both makes no sense. If download to client use an email client.

You’re right that our database cache layer isn’t designed for email bodies. This would simply bloat the database. But I’ve been thinking about pre-populating memcache with new email as they arrive in the background. When the front-end then requests them, chances are high that a cached value could be used.

But this is just an idea, this needs a solid design and someone who implements it.