Download confirmation by mail

Is it possible to receive an email when a shared file is downloaded bij the receiver?

You can Enable the app “Activities for shared file downloads” and then under your account -> Personal -> Activity, and check the boxes in the Mail column for when public or local shared files/folders were downloaded. Just be sure to set the Send Emails: to Hourly if you want to know as soon as possible (it’s not instant, but you’ll be notified within a couple hours).

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Thanks for the reply, this is what i needed.
Do you know if it’s possible to make default selections for all users so I can enable the option ‘A file or folder shared by mail or by public link was downloaded’ for all users?

There is an ownCloud app called ActivityDefaults, but I’m not sure if that will work with the latest Nextcloud. Otherwise, you can run an update (or insert?) query on the database for all existing users. Set it up the way you want for one user, then use those settings to apply to all other users in the oc_preferences table. Look for the entries with appid=activity and configkey LIKE %notify_%