Download all notes from bash script


is it possible to download all (non public) files inside a folder (/Notes) of my Nextcloud via a bash script?
I want to do that to make a backup of my notes.
I already do that for calendars, this way:

wget \
      --output-document="./$FOLDER_CALENDARS/mycalendar.ics" \
      --auth-no-challenge \
      --http-user="$NEXTCLOUD_USER" --http-password="$NEXTCLOUD_PASSWORD" \

and it works!
How can I do the same for files inside a specific folder?


Just adjust your current script for your notes

change $URL_CALENDARS to point to your file in the cloud and change $FOLDER_CALENDARS/mycalendar.ics to where you want to save the notes localy

You could do something directly on the server pretty easily.

I think there is also an app to zip and download files.