Downgrade to 14.x (and: Compatibility of calendar, contacts, tasks?)

Hi there,

That you are breaking core functionality like calendar, contacts and tasks with a release and don’t think something is wrong with that, is bad enough. You should have withdraw the 15.x upgrade.

(Anyway, when will these functions be available again?)

But my main question is: how can I qickly downgrade to 14.x?

Best regards,
Ricardo Cristof
(I’m pissed; really, really pissed and considering throwing money at apples face for that proprietary icloud solution… grrrr)

Huh? A reloading of the admin interface via web was enough to let me activate the calendar, contacts and task apps.

But now, the sync client does not log in anymore. After entering user credentials and clicking “Grant access”, it asks for user credentials again. It’s stuck in a loop.