Downgrade mail possible?

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to downgrade the mail app to a version before 1.40? The app is driving me and our users nuts. The priority stuff is really annoying, filling the logfiles and something is wrong with notifications (sends every 30 seconds while viewing mail).

Downgrading is my only wish for now. So if anyone knows how to, that would be great.


Sorry to bump this question but we really need the mail functionality without the priority crap so please any suggestions to downgrade would be a great help.

Not tested. But you find the mail app and the old versions (branches) in the following link.
Perhaps you can copy parts or all of them in your nextcloud structure.
Please make an issue or bug report at GitHub at the same place.

Thanks, I tried that but since the database is in an other (higher) version the upgrade process which is automatically triggered crashes and leaves NC in a unusable state.

Hopefully there is somehow a solution. If not we have to migrate to another solution. I really love Nextcloud but I hate to be forced to use incomplete buggy features which we can not disable. I can not present this to hundreds of our users.

Way to express criticism. Do you really thing people are willing to help when you complain this way?

If you have an enterprise subscription please drop as an email to support and we’ll prioritize your issues.

@ChristophWurst I sincerely apologize for using the word ‘crap’. It is not fair to you that I express my and our users emotions in that way. So sorry for that.

For now I will disable mail for our users and let them use another (separate) client which luckily is still there. Also I will contact my subscription representative to see what apps we should see as critical for our organisation.

In general I am worried with the pace Nextcloud is developing. With the enormous high rate of updates on the core and apps it is not only for you as a developer but also for me as a implementer and user absolutely impossible to deliver a technical and functional stable platform. Especially when, in this case, new features are presented which we are forced to use and have a lot of bugs (which is normal for new features btw.)

So again, sorry for the offence but I also hope you “feel” a little bit of our frustration.

The best way to move forward with this is gather the pain points and report them as issues, if there is no existing issue.

We can’t work with does not work, we need the details to be able understand the problem and improve our software.

All bug reports are located at