Downgrade Group App to 1.0.2

I’ve had major problems with the latest (1.1.0) Group App.

I was running 1.0.2 and everything was fine. As soon as I upgraded to 1.1.0 - all my desktop clients started re-syncing everything from the server (over 20GB) - the server also showed “Pending Size” next to each folder, so had to do an occ file:scan --all action which fixed the Pending Size.

After everything has re-synced I presumed all was fixed, apart from none of the desktop apps are syncing and its silently failing. The files are still uploaded to the group folders, but nothing is every downloaded.

This is a major problem and I’ve already had major complaints from my users (wasting time editing old versions of documents) so needs to be fixed ASAP

Therefore could anyone inform me how to downgrade to 1.0.2 (last known working) without destroying the group folders I have setup and ideally not resyncing everything again


You can’t downgrade apps because there are no migrations (will probably be in Nextcloud 13).

You’ve got 3 options:

  • manually diff the source and ensure that the database schema stayed the same, then downgrade manually by adjusting the database contents in oc_appconfig and extracting the old archive into the apps directory
  • use a backup
  • wait for a fix

Is this the related bug report?

For 1.1.0 there was a change in the database structure:

Yes, that’s my bug report on Github

I managed to downgrade to 1.0.2 and all is fixed - something in 1.1.0 is broken (in my opinion).