Doubts SMB Windows

Hello I was wondering if I can use my nextcloud by mapping it on Windows as a Disk

There are multiple ways.

My favorite is WebDAV as it’s built into both Nextcloud and Windows. Just use the remote.php/webdav address when adding it in Windows.

For the other way around you need SMB that works too. You can choose to mount it on the guest system, or directly in Nextcloud.

Hope it helps!

Using smb is not so much recommended, as the database will not be aware of the changes you make and you need to rescan the filesystem frequently.
WebDav is the better solution, allthou a bit slower sometimes.

Database? We’re talking about the data here, nothing else right?

No need to rescan afaik, that’s already taken care of. I don’t use SMB myself though so I might be wrong.

As long as you dont add or delete files, all is ok, but if you do so, the changes will not be visible to the webinterface until you do a rescan. Usually this is done via chronjob, but it is not set up by default.


sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --help

for details (if your www user is www-data)

I was thinking about saving VeeamBackup Bakups in the nextcloud, would it be okay if it is not visible WEB think it would work?

As I mentioned earlier, mount the SMB share on your Nextcloud server guest system.

If you want to make it visable in the web GUI or not is up to you.

Wasn’t the rescan thing already fixed a long time ago?
Or is that only on smb mounts on the nextcloud, where I access with other smb clients too?

If u put files onto the user directory via smb or ftp or cifs you need to do a rescan to make nextcloud aware of them. There may be a cronjob to do this frequently, but you have to set this up manually.

However, if you only want to store backups on the same storage, which dont have to be visible in the cloud, you can do this without problems.