Dotted files are not hidden in WebDav clients


some users have dotted files and/or folders (files / folder beginning with a dot) in their home directory. In the web-client they are marked as hidden and can be hide or shown by using the option “Show hidden files” in the settings. That’s ok! But they are not marked as hidden in all webdav clients I’ve tested (Windows 7, Windows 10 and the webdav-plugin for he total commander for android). They are always shown.
Has anyone an idea how to mark dotted files as hidden in the webdav-client?
(Running Nextcloud Version 17.0.1)

I’ve had this problem with .recycle files from SMB shares. Just add them to the “Ignored files” in your NC Client software.

Thanks for answering. Do you have also an idea without using the NC client software? I need a solution for the integrated webdavclient in Windows? (the webdav-client on android was only for test purposes).

Well this seems to be a Windows only related issue then.

By the way: Windows has a working WebDAV Client?!?! The last time I’ve worked with Windows it failed in secure TLS 1.2/1.3 Auth and the IIS WebDAV deleted files from shares silently until it was considered as bug. And without manual RegistryKey settings for BasicAuthLevel for TLS Connections it did not work at all.

Better don’t use it. You have far more detailed control with the NC client software.