Dots menu disappeared

Hi there,

under NC 18.0.1 the three dots menu for files and folders disappeared. I can‘t tell you if this problem appeared with the 18 update or the 18.0.1 or even earlier.

Any hint is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I just discovered that the dots menu is still there. It was just nearly unvisible. A few days ago I installed the dark breeze theme and deleted it again. It seams as if the colour of the three dots stays there after deleting dark breeze. How can I reset this?

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do you know more here?


I’m the author of the theme.

You can run the occ command occ maintenance:repair and that should fix it.

I’ll give a bit a background for anyone who is interested. Nextcloud has an individual cache for each app and their styling, but all the icons are put into one big file. So when you remove the theme, the app specific styling is removed, but the icon cache is often left alone or only partially cleared. The above command clears the entire cache and rebuilds it, so everything goes back to normal.

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Thanks @mwalbeck! That solved the problem.

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