Don't understand - Domains used for installing Collabora


I have problems understanding the way I have to use my domain when installing Collabora.
In the documentation says:

“make sure to replace ‘’ with the host that your own Nextcloud runs on”

In the same documentation also says:

“we recommend to use a subdomain such as” [to configure one VirtualHost].

In this case, when I create a subdomain, should I create it:

  • “” ?
  • “” ?
  • “” ?
  • or some other way?


Your nextcloud domain could look like this.

for docker to run you need another domain, thus another vhost on your web server setup for a reverse proxy,

When you have all that setup, and you run
docker run -t -d -p -e "domain=cloud\.myncserver\.com" -e "username=admin" -e "password=S3cRet" --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

You’ll use the nextcloud domain on it, think it this way, the domain you run there are the ones allowed to use this docker instance.

Make sure your using SSL valid certs, Let’s Encrypt is a free valid option.

negative try to run nextcloud in a root directory of a domain or subdomain. Someting like Basically running NC in a subfolder works too but then clients might not connect automatically (like macOS Calendar) and you always need to enter a path.

Similary Collabra or Onlyoffice must run on another domain. I suggest to run them on a different server.

Thanks for your reply.
I understood how my nextcloud domain “could look” from the documentation. Unfortunately I already have Nextcloud installed and I don’t know how to make it look like that (interested to learn how to do it).

So, what I still can’t understand is how do I use the domain that I already have(mentioned in the 1st post). I already can reach nextcloud at (My question was and still is: is my domain equivalent with one of the domains you gave as an example i.e. ? )

Same for Collabora, if my domain is, is that equivalent to the one u used as example ?

If your nextcloud is:

I believe you should be good to go using: on the docker liner.

But for your reverse proxy, you need



My nextcloud instance is running in

Is it possible to use this url as a domain? I have tried “domain=mydomain\.com” and some variations, but it doesn’t seem to work

Is mandatory use clean subdomains (no subfolders) to use collabora?

The problem is that my instance is running in and I cannot migrate it to a clean subdomain

Thx for your time

EDIT: After using the root domain it’s working and opening documents. It could be a failure writing the url. Thx again

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