Don't know how to set externall access, for accessing my nextcloud server

So i finally got nextcloud running, but i noticed that i can’t access it outside my local network, i checked a few posts on this forum about this and it said to set port forwarding (and dynamic dns, not sure if that’s needed), and then it will work, but i am really confused about port forwarding, i set port forwarding on port 443 and entered the ip of my pc that’s running nextcloud, i checked with if the port is open, but it shows that it’s closed, i rebooted the router but still the same, and do i set port forwarding for my server or the devices i want to access nextcloud on?, do i also have to add ip of my devices that acces nextcloud outside lan in config php under trusted domains?, i found this setting in gui nextcloud that says you can set externall acces with this, can i use this?, i would really apreciate help

You can access NC with HTTPS from internal? You can also forwarding for test port 80?
trusted domain is the URL or IP you try to reach the NC.

I don’t have https set yet, I can’t set port 80 forwarding on my router and if I set port 443 and check it says the port isn’t open

there are several post about how to get SSL working on the forum. feel free to search for them yourself. next time even before posting, maybe? :wink:

awww and even the manual would know how to do that.

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