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Its ok to nc17 to set a custom port? and if there is no problem to the system or conflict to any shared link or created link.


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Yes, that’s possible and should work without any problems.

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was the letsenrypt-cert-issue with non-common ports solved in the meanwhile?

Afaik, I don’t know which specific problem you’re exactly referring to, but Let’s Encrypt supports different protocols to verify a host:

  • http-01 - This requires port 80/tcp to be open during the certificate verification.
  • tls-alpn-01 - This requires port 443/tcp to be open during the certificate verification. (for a first time certificate request, http-01 need to be used).
  • dns-01 - This requires access to the DNS configuration of your domain but no open port for the verification at all.


i was never much into that problem of gaining a letsencrypt cert with un-common ports since i never needed to. but i remember a time when it was said that letsencypt couldn’t validate your host if you won’t use 80/443.

@sinichi19 For Federated Sharing port 443 is required. About the app “Social” (Mastodon and so on) a default port might be required as well, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

One thing to keep in mind: some companies restrict outgoing traffic to specific ports like 80 and 443 for security reasons. In that case one cannot reach an NC server on a custom port.

If you don’t need all that and use the server only for yourself, it will work just fine.

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I will use 443 port, if you familiar mapping in firewall box, and how you will set your public ip… like on my example

the port 8899 at end of domain

we have different type configuration for Ip my practice is mapped the private ip to public ip in firewall, so the 1 public ip i can use in different server using port mapping 443:8899

this extra security for server

cant explained well but network admin guy i know it will understand,

my question only to that if there is no conflict to tje system or the shared link when i used that.

regards to your network admin. that’s no extra security at all. just an obstacle and source of trouble.

thanks hehe… we already did in our other server…
but for nc are you familiar if its ok that if there is no conflict when creating shared link if add custom port…

actually we will used that in every server like firewalls and other server to not totally open to all… for private used.