Domain name configuration

Nextcloud version: NextCloud 23.0.5
Operating system : Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Apache version : Apche/2.4.52
PHP version: PHP 7.43

Hello beautiful people!!!

I’m a software engineer at a non-profit organization based in USA. For privacy concern, we decided to build our own cloud for document sharing. Currently I have my own server on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache (LAMP Stack). Our cloud is working great, but at the movement it’s only accessible on our local network, and we would like to set it up that people from outside of our network can access the cloud.

Unfortunately I do not have web hosting experiences, but I have solid understand of computers and I generally wanted to learn this new skill.

Some facts:

  • It would be 15 to 25(max 50) users accessing the website, and all of them are based in USA.


I have a domain name available, so I’m thinking I will need set up static IP address then using edit A-record to point the domain name to my current static IP address.

I would love to more about domain name configuration and Please let me know if I’m wrong, and open for any suggestions!

Yes, your plan sounds good.

Not sure how easy it is for you to obtain a static ip address (ipv4), even with dynamic ones, some of the domain registers offer a dynamic dns update, so your A record can be updated quickly even with dynamic ipv4 addresses (if they don’t, you could use a specific dyndns service, create some hostname, and for your domain, use a CNAME entry to this hostname of the dyndns service).
But if you can easily get a fixed ipv4, just use the A record with this ip.

In Europe, they start using carrier-grade NAT, where several users share the same ipv4 address. Then it gets more complicated.

So it’s not bad to plan for ipv6 as well. If you have a ipv6 address, you just need the AAAA record.