"Domain is not allowed"

Since more than a week ago I have access to all eCloud functionalities except webmail. When I try to login in the webmail, I get the error “domain is not allowed”. It worked ok for several weeks until recently.

I am using Microsoft Edge Chromium on windows 10 desktop.

I would thank any explanation for what has been happening recently.

It sounds as if you’re using a hosted Nextcloud installation, because you mention “eCloud”, aren’t you? If yes, you should get in touch with the support hotline of your provider, because this is only the Nextcloud specific support forum, which covers the software itself but not any hosted environments.

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Thank you for your message. Please find in attachment the screen that appears when one clicks on the eCloud HELP option. It directs the user to Nextcloud, even you have nothing to do with private implementations of your software. Not good I must add.


I guess this should be the correct subforum:

While trying to solve this situation by logging out and then logging in, now I get an error saying “wrong username or password”. These people are not to be taking seriously …

I will forget this issue and try not to access eCloud anymore.

Bye and regards