Domain changed - Nextcloud still working with the old one


For installation and testing of migration from owncloud to nextcloud I’m used the “standard” web-address from my virtual server. This worked find and when I’m still using this address nextcloud is working without any issues.

Now I’m added my personal domain to this web-server. I can reach the installation by using this address in a web browser. But after the login it’s back on the old address.

Could it be that nextcloud is saving somewhere the domain while the installation?
Or could it be a problem related to the structure of the server (Still both domains are available on the server, and the structure looks like "var/www/vhost/<old_domain>/nexcloud - I cannot change that)?

How can I fix that?

Thanks in advance.

Would you mind posting your config.php here? I might have a suspicion,…

Webserver config and information about what you use (apache/nginx) would also be helpful.

And: What do you mean by “standard” web-address ?


was an caching problem of DNS and/or Apache Server.
Now it’s working - more or less…