Doker AIO image Nextcloud 23?

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an docker-image for nextcloud AIO version 23? I am currently on Nextcloud 23 standalone and I made a backup of everything but I cannot restore until I have updated to Nextcloud 25.

Due to the standdalone running on Debian 10/11 I was unable to update to PHP8.1 and when I finally managed Nextcloud 23 told me, you cannot use Nextcloud with this version of PHP!

Due to this I am stuck in the middle, when I upgrade to PHP7.4 I cannot get Nextcloud to work at all, wiith 8.1 I am told it’s too new. So I decided, let’s just forget about this old instance and attempt to restore the backup to a AIO docker image of Nextcloud version 23. But I looked on Github for which version is NExtcloud 23, but it’s not easy to find out. Someone got advice on how I can see this ?

If anyone recommends to first assist me upgrading to Nextclloud 25 on the old instance, I’d prefer to just migrate to nextcloud AIO version 23, and then upgrade from there (seems easier)

Hi, see all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

Yea I’ve been there and seen that, but the does not tell me how to upgrade from 23 to 25, of course… Ive done all these steps succesfully but I need my AIO docker image to be 23 and not version 25? :slight_smile: So I’m asking for docker-image name of Version 23.?

You cannot get one with 23. So basically you will need to update to 25.0.4 first before migrating or only migrate the files.

Really, ? That is awful. So I have to fix my broken migration install now, before I can migrate to AIO? Is there really no older release on github that has Version. 23?

That is correct if you dont plan to migrate only the files. And no, there is no 23 release available.

With Nextcloud 24 there would have been the user_migration app which would have given you an additional option for migrating.