Does update of PHP influence Nextcloud?

Hej guys

I am running NC 13 on PHP 5.6 and want to upgrade PHP to version 7. What do I need to be aware of to get it properly working without loosing any data?

Any hints? Did it someone successfully?

Kind regards

I am on a managed server. I can switch forward and backward from 5.xx to 7.xx without any issues.

The only “issue” is that 7.xx is considerably and noticeably faster on browser frontend. ;=)

A few users had the problem that when they changed the version, not all required modules and settings were installed. Depending on your distribution, the system might more or less take into account the configuration of php 5.6, just plan a bit of time to adapt the default config of php.

Like for all larger changes, you should do a backup. Normally no data should be lost. Some apps or functions might not work because some modules are missing or are not configured.