Does the Nextcloud Android app only sync pictures?

Does the NextCloud android app only sync pictures?

If I want to sync other kinds of files, do I have to use a third party app?

I have done so in the past when I was unsatisfied with the NextCloud Android app, but I recently installed it and I like it but I’d like if I could use to sync other kinds of files than just images.

Sometimes I need 2 way sync to, so that I can stick something on my computer and then use it on my phone. Is that feature in the works at all?

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Afaik, the app automatically recognizes picture and video folders and adds it to the list of folders to be automatically uploaded. Due to the fact that you can define your own folder I would assume that the file type itself isn’t of relevance. Give it a try and add your own folder:

  1. Open the Nextcloud app
  2. Select Automatic upload
  3. Select the 3-dots-menu in the upper right corner
  4. Select “Create your own folder”

yes, just set your own source and target-folders, it works very nicely. just keep in mind that “watching” these folders causes more systemload and may drain your device’s battery (a little) faster.

if it’s in your nextcloud-install you can access it there from many devices. just be careful with the auto-sync-settings so nothing gets accidentally deleted.

It does not appear that this actually syncs folder contents that are not images. I created a custom folder sync connection and then from my desktop put a text file in the test folder. It properly uploaded from my desktop to the cloud and I can access it from the nextcloud android app but it doesn’t actually sync that file from the cloud to the folder on my phone.

I’ve created a ticket requesting this functionality here:

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