Does NextCloud support item-url shares with permission requests?


I am trying to move a group of users from Google Drive to NextCloud. We encountered a problem: A user wanted to share a document, and did what she is used to on Google Drive: Copy the item url from the browser address bar, and share that. On Drive, when a user gets a link like that and the file hasn’t been shared with them, they get an option to ask for access, and things can proceed. On NextCloud, as far as I could see, there’s no such option – a logged-in user will just be referred to the relevant app, as if they didn’t click a link to a specific file (at least, that’s how it seems in the notes app).

Is there a setting that makes NextCloud behave more like Google Drive in this sense?

Just to be clear – yes, I’m aware that the NextCloud model is more secure and, basically, more correct as a way to do things. But this is a volunteer group, I’m not in position to force them to change their habits, even if it’s for their own good; I need things to Just Work :tm: in order to convince them, and as it stands, things don’t.

I don’t think that exists. But conversely, if you switch from Nextcloud to Google Drive, you will also miss some much-loved functions. But as with Windows vs. Linux. Windows users don’t miss the great Linux functions because they never got to know them. They only know there Windows functions. Maybe your Nextcloud user like the new Nextcloud functions and not only miss the Google Drive function.

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