Does Nextcloud provides enterprise support (paid) for the community version?

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When I study an architecture for a client, I often recommend FOSS solutions when they have a professional support. As is the case for Postgresql for instance.
Does Nextcloud provides support, same as for the enterprise edition, but for clients who have the community edition ?
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Could you elaborate a bit? I manage the support department at Nextcloud but your question is not clear to me yet.

Of course not. Paid enterprise support is exactly that. If you have 100+ users you can consider paying for it.

You are paying nc to maintain nc for you and a large user base. This is not of interest to home admins and such.

Well, for a company who wants to run a community version in-house, without using the proprietary software, but willing to pay for a professional support with SLAs

and thats one of the upcomming questions for a lot of small or mid size companies

what about 10 users or 5 users

i know got to your local IT system support but why not direct to nextcloud.

my2cents BR np

in fact it would be around 50 users to start, to scale up to 100~150 users

Hi @JBzh

Nextcloud Enterprise is also fully open source, no proprietary bits. It is just that this package is only accessible to paying customers but it is still fully AGPL-ed.

For companies with instances below 100 users we help them by referring them to a partner, which does not imply that it is then hosted by the partner (as in SaaaS for example) we also have customers where the partner takes care of the operations and 1st/2nd level support.

You also have the ability to move from the community installation to the enterprise one. No issue there and still OSS. Since you mentioned a potential scale-up to 100-150 users it might be worth discussing this with Nextcloud’s sales team.


you could ask @enoch85 e.g. he launched a little company on his own selling support to everyone who feels they’d need support. From one person, via sbu to mbu…

he’s pretty wellknown for delivering a nice VM to nextcloud community which was sold for some thousand times.

so he’s definitly a pro.

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@Daphne I think what the OP is asking is, if they have installed Nextcloud on their own, can they still add support for it later, or would they have to migrate to a new instance later to be supportable.

Not maybe 100% on topic but I wanted to add this to the discussion. There is definitely a support gap that could stand to be filled. When we were moving our company from Google Apps to Nextcloud, paying for 100 user support even though we only have about 15 was an option we were open to. We were buying new hardware to run it as well as subscribing support for a new mail server at the time, so money was on the table. But the company would not give us a quote, only refer us to the partner list.

We couldn’t find a partner we liked who offered just breakfix support, so in the end we decided to just go with it and solve any problems ourselves. We’re a team of network and systems engineering consultants, so we can get away with that, but most small companies can’t.


thanks for clarifying and for sharing your insights @KarlF12 !

To answer the original question of @JBzh then, yes you can get support on an installation you did yourself with the community edition. We will offer you a license key that activates the support app and from then on you can make use of support.

Great, thank you for your responses @Daphne, @Andy, and the others contributors to this thread. Depending on how our project progress I’ll contact the sale dept then.
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for the record, I think @enoch85 is even offering said breakfix support.

@JimmyKater That could be, I’m not sure. We aren’t using the VM though.

his support is not limited to ppl with a VM… @KarlF12 I think he supporting NC in general.

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We have support plans for Linux in general. Please contact us via


They only want 100 clients minimum. Nothing wrong with that. You can host nc however you like, and there are plenty of providers.

Hello Daphne, How can i do this? Can i pay for support for a limited time (no business), just enough to help me get through all my issues that seem overwhelming to me at the moment?

If i try and get a quote for enterprise support it asks for business email which i do not have as its my personal server.

Sorry to reply to this but thought better than to open another topic.

Hello @ninjajellybean ,
You could contact through , no business email address is required there.
Working with a Nextcoud partner might be a great fit for you to help you through the problems of your installation. You could ask if they can recommend you any partner to you.

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thanks, will do!

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