Does nextcloud have database related table structure documents?

When tidying up the database, I didn’t understand some fields. So urgently need a document about the structure of the database table, preferably with field comments.

What do you mean by


DB Management is typicly the responisbility of the Serversoftware itself, and i don`t think it is a good practise to frickle around in there, especialy if you are not 100% certain what you are doing. I guess this is why you

which i doubt you will find here. If you are really into that kind of stuff, maybe you can derive what you need from the Developer Docs:

It is an action on the page. What tables does the database check, what is the structure of these tables, and what is the relationship?

I’ would also be interested if there is some documentation about the whole database structure of Nextcloud. Sometimes for an Administrator it would be nice to have this, just to be able to debug some kind of error before opening a bug request.
I can’t find anything on the web that describes the single tables and their columns…?