Does NextCloud encryption conflict with AxCrypt encryption of files on computer?

I am considering encrypting my files on my computer with AxCrypt for Mac. As I understand it, NextCloud encrypts them when a directory of files is synced with NextCloud. Do these two encryption services conflict? If so, will my files be secure on my computer using only the NextCloud encryption? I am operating on a MacBook Pro (late 2013) running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4.

No. Nextcloud only encrypts in transit via HTTPS.

So, therefore, I need to encrypt my files while they reside on my computer and also while they are in NextCloud - correct? If so, are the AxCrypt encrypted files further encrypted in transit? And, does that double encryption cause any problems?

I wouldn’t think it would cause an issue, but I don’t use Macs.

For the server side, you can encrypt the entire Nextcloud server with dm-crypt if you don’t mind typing a password at boot. Server side encryption only really helps you if your server is physically stolen.