Does Nextcloud automatically disable apps

Does Nextcloud have some mechanism to automatically disable Apps (maybe after too many errors)?
I have my Nextcloud configured with LDAP and SAML (ADFS) and everything was working OK. Suddenly I noticed that the user_saml app was deactivated. I enabled it and everything was working again, but after some hours it was disabled again.

Same behavior today on my Nextcloud instance. user_saml got suddenly disabled.
I had to manually enable it again.
Any ideas ?

NC 14.0.3

Same behaviour here, 14.0.4, do you have any clue since december or august ?
Thanks !

I also see this on 15.0.4. I’m also using user_ldap and user_saml. user_saml gets disabled seemingly out of the blue, nothing in the logs. I also suspect there is something counting the number of errors.

Clues appreciated!

Starting with NC 15.0.5 and user_saml 2.1.1 I have not seen this issue again, anyone else?

After the weekend user_saml was disabled yet again with no obvious clue in the log. NC, user_ldap 1.5.0, user_saml 2.1.1.

same here with Nextcloud 15.0.5 and user_saml 2.1.1, very strange because the app and login with saml is working fine (when it is activated)

Installed version 17, upgrade went fine, a few days later and I find user_saml app has been disabled. Just had to re-enable it to get saml working again.

There’s enough forum reports and already-closed issue reports of this happening that it is obviously a real issue.

Here’s a related closed issue report for the same problem in the code issue tracker:

Just had another instance of this bug in another site, user_saml app is disabled after upgrade to 17.0.2.

Re-enabling the app is all that’s needed, the configuration is still present and working for the SAML app, it simply becomes disabled by Nextcloud during the upgrade for some reason.

This is certainly a real bug still in version 17.0.1 - 17.0.2, seeing it in multiple unrelated instances at multiple customer sites.

and here still… Nextcloud 20.0.7

with app 0.9.8 disables itself intermittently
onlyoffice app 6.2.0 disables itself intermittently