Does Nextcloud automatically disable apps


Does Nextcloud have some mechanism to automatically disable Apps (maybe after too many errors)?
I have my Nextcloud configured with LDAP and SAML (ADFS) and everything was working OK. Suddenly I noticed that the user_saml app was deactivated. I enabled it and everything was working again, but after some hours it was disabled again.


Same behavior today on my Nextcloud instance. user_saml got suddenly disabled.
I had to manually enable it again.
Any ideas ?

NC 14.0.3


Same behaviour here, 14.0.4, do you have any clue since december or august ?
Thanks !


I also see this on 15.0.4. I’m also using user_ldap and user_saml. user_saml gets disabled seemingly out of the blue, nothing in the logs. I also suspect there is something counting the number of errors.

Clues appreciated!


Starting with NC 15.0.5 and user_saml 2.1.1 I have not seen this issue again, anyone else?


After the weekend user_saml was disabled yet again with no obvious clue in the log. NC, user_ldap 1.5.0, user_saml 2.1.1.


same here with Nextcloud 15.0.5 and user_saml 2.1.1, very strange because the app and login with saml is working fine (when it is activated)