Does Nextcloud 14 have End to End Encryption?


I’m trying to implement E2EE on certain folders in my NC14 instance. The only problem is not only can I not find how to do this, I can’t actually confirm if it’s a feature. I’ve found loads of posts saying it’s coming in NC13, and then some saying it’s a core feature of NC14, and the NC14 documentation goes on about how awesome NC14 is because it has E2EE…and then the E2EE app in NC says it’s only in Alpha state…but is version 1.0.5…which doesn’t sound very Alpha to me.

So does NC14 have E2EE? And if so, how do I enable it and use it? I’ve looked although the PC client, Android client, installed the E2EE app. And I can’t see any option anywhere.


The android client should already have it … The desktop clients are still stuck in beta testing (Help test the next generation Nextcloud Desktop Clients!), and I’m not sure when a stable version is released. I think originally, it was planned to have a stable version this year.

For the moment my only required application is to encrypt my uploads from my Android device anywhere, that’s good news.

Can you tell me how to enable it though I can’t find it any options. And I’ve uninstalled of the alpha end-to-end encryption app by the way.

@Andy can you help? I didn’t find any manual either, and I’m not using Android, sorry.

Never used e2ee :confused:

I have not tested E2E myself, but read a detailed blog article the other day…
It’s in german, but the most important seems to be:

  • on server: activate E2E App
  • on android App: create empty directory, mark directory as encrypted