Does NC support PHP 7.2?

According to the docs for NC 13, PHP 7.2 isn’t supported: Given that 7.1 will get into extended support in 4 months, what is the plan to support PHP 7.2 (and maybe even 7.3 as that’s coming soon)?

I can only tell, that I run NC with the latest PHP7.2 successfully.
Regarding 7.3, I would also like to know.
With ArchLinux I will have PHP 7.3 the next morning after it’s released. So would be great if it’s supported :smiley:

I just saw that PHP 7.3 will be released on December 13th. So it is a while since then.
Anyway, with the first beta version being planned for August 2nd, there is also some (enough?) time for NC developers to test the new PHP version.

@MorrisJobke knows best, probably :slight_smile:

Well, if it works, then I guess the docs need to be updated? I don’t want to run NC on unsupported software.

@Schmu speaking of production-grade systems, if you run NC on ArchLinux and are always on the cutting edge, you’re probably doing it wrong :wink:

  • Nextcloud 12 is PHP 5.6 - 7.1
  • Nextcloud 13 is PHP 5.6 - 7.2
  • Nextcloud 14 will most likely be PHP 7.0 - 7.2 (we can’t fully test on PHP 7.3 because it is not yet released - we work on bringing the alpha to run on our CI, but it takes still time)

Usually this should also be on but there seems to be a syntax error and thus the table is not rendered. I will check this out.


I fixed the docs page to also show the table now:


Thanks @MorrisJobke for fixing the table!

  1. I see that 7.2 is not “recommended”. Why is that?
  2. On it still says 7.1 only.
  1. Because 7.2 was just added with Nextcloud 13 and we wanted to gather some experience first with it, before recommending it.

  2. Thanks for the hint - we fixed that.