Does NC have a blockchain app?

I think if we can have a blockchain function, it can increase the security and uniqueness of files.

What do you think of this idea? I think we should add more apps or functions about file security in the future.

We hope that NC can have more and more file security control functions.

there is one app as a PoC regarding blockchain interaction - based on the ethereum app. But this has no integration with files.

What is your suggestion?
What is your required usecase or idea regarding “file security control”?

When your use case is about file integrity and versioning via the Blockchain you might want to have a look at this PoC:

It is still work in progress, but open source, feel free to contribute. Please DM me if you like to give it a go and are looking for test tokens on the Peercoin test chain.

Thank you very much for your attention!

First of all, the blockchain application is used within the LAN (not the Internet). Therefore, it is completely based on NC, and does not rely on the application of other websites. However, this may not be easy to implement and may need additional servers to support it.

About file security control. One of my ideas is that after downloading a file from the NC through a browser from a client (PC), the file is encrypted. It needs to be able to communicate between the client (PC) and the NC to decrypt the file. If the client (PC) cannot access the NC, it will not be able to open the file.

I know that NC has an end_ To_ end_ Encryption app, but how does it need to generate x509 certificates? I’ve never used this app successfully. It also seems to be unable to achieve the function I mentioned above.

I think the privacy and security of personal data is becoming more and more important. There are many design and development files that need to be encrypted and controlled safely, such as design pictures, research papers, business protocols, etc. When these files are stored in the NC, I think they are safe, but what about downloading them to the client (PC)? If NC can be used as a file security control center to extend the security control to the client (PC), then this problem can be solved perfectly.

When a file is uploaded from the client (PC) to the NC, the file starts a security lifecycle management.
I have some immature ideas and suggestions, hoping that NC can have more powerful security functions and features in the future.

Thank you again!

IPFS looks great. I am here Got some information on. I’ll try to use IPFs for NC.

Thank you for your advice. I hope we can communicate more in the future. :smiley:

If IPFS is used, there seems to be no need to use NC?

files_ external_ IPFs this app is to expand IPFs as external storage. If both NC and IPFS are on the same server, the app will treat IPFS as a folder in NC, right? Files uploaded to this folder will automatically generate a unique hash value?

After downloading the file from the client (PC), does the hash value still exist?