Does fulltextsearch run with ES 7.x

I need to update my ES to 7.0 - is fts compatible with ES 7.0?

I got an error message setting docker_elasticsearch_image: 7.0.0 or 7.1.0.
As far as I remember.

You may try using the playbook. git checkout elasticsearch :wink:

Hi @Reiner_Nippes, that was not my concern. I wanted to know, if the NC fulltext_app will work against ES 7.x. Especially, if the indexer will cope with a 7.0 server.

yes. it didn’t work. as far as I remember. I got an error message.
OK. I’ll try again later today.

FullTextSearch - Elasticsearch v1.3.1 is compatible with ES v7.x (tested on 7.1.1)

However, you will need to re-index your files:

Uhh… a full re-index once more… this will hurt… Why is that anyway? Afaik, ES provides a way to update indexes to newer versions…