Does disabing the survey option force you to send data to external servers?


I just saw in the admin area that you can disable a survey about your NextCloud instance’s usage. Just the text above the different checkboxes says that if you change any of these settings, you will send a report to an external server to override the already existing data and thus the data you would like to delete too. If I’m not mistaken, this sounds like a privacy problem to me: I have to send data to remove (never before submitted) data. There is no way to uncheck all of them and send no data to any external server. Do I understand this right? If it is like this, this should be overhauled.

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Submit a report here:

It should be possible that you don’t send any message via survey client.

I’ve done this @tflidd:

You seem to misunderstand, but I commented on the issue to clarify it :wink:

@nickvergessen already explained it in the issue. I just had another look at it out of curiosity and because didn’t had a look at it for a long time. The text says: “If you disable one of the settings below, you can send a new report, which will delete the data that is currently stored on the server.” It doesn’t say that it will send a new report. You can send it immediately to overwrite/remove the old data or wait until the background job gets executed the next time. But the automated update only happens if “Send usage survey monthly” is enabled, which is disabled by default.

It was a wrong german translation, the german version said the report is send automatically :wink:

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Thanks for clarifying this so fast. As @nickvergessen and I noticed, this was a problem of the translation.