Does Cloud integration require any synced folder?

When mounting a cloud service like Dropbox, does nc require a folder -either on nc server or client - to sync the Dropbox file system, or does nc server act as an transparent interface to the external cloud? If I want a terabyte of Dropbox/GDrive/whatever avaiable via nc, does all that need to be synced on an nc machine -server or client- or both?

While on this issue, what is the status of OneDrive integration?

Also, does nc differ from oc (current or future) regarding external cloud integration?

Thank you much.

NC will always have a local data folder - but this does not have a relation to the connected shares.
in your case you would connect a share and it would show up as a new folder (only recognized with a different icon).
then you can use both as if they are “local” or “the same”

Sounds so good that I need to verify.
For arguments sake, say the NC server as well as a NC client have only one 10 gig drive.
There is a connected share to a Dropbox account that has a terabyte of data on Dropbox.
Does the NC server get control (including rights) over the entire terabyte, and is that terabyte available for all clients, Windows, Linux, mobile, regardless of the client’s disk capacity?