Does anyone have a non-confusing method of migrating from Hyper-V to WSL2 for Docker Desktop?

I finally got LTSC 21H2 installed, which allows me to use WSL2. I checked the box within Docker Desktop to use WSL2, which caused all containers and data to disappear. I reverted back to Hyper-V.

So, is there a sorta-easy method of migrating everything over to WSL2? Or, do I need to install AIO from scratch under WSL2 and restore from a backup?

Hi, you may use AIOs built-in backup solution to export its data onto the host and then switch to wsl2 and install AIO freshly again and instead of entering the domain, enter the location of the backup archive and the borg password in the AIO interface in the first step.

Sounds good. Will attempt this later in the week.