Does a talk call wake talk app or trigger Android/iOS notification?

When I send a text message to some talk user connected to my server, he gets a mobile os notification even if the app is closed. Should the same happen if I don’t text but call from within the app? (It doesn’t for me.)

Yes, that’s right, but you have to install the talk app from the Google play store to receive notifications, not from f-droid.

Any idea to why I’m NOT verified, even for a freshly installed NC18+Talk App+Notifications App connected directly to the Internet (Arch linux server, official static IP), ports filtered but 443 open, even on Android 10 with current Talk App, newly registered users? How to debug this?

there once has been a quite long thread about setting up an extra signalling server for talk. maybe you’re gonna find some hints there?

I did set up CoTurn and configured both STUN and TURN successfully. But the behavior is exactly the same without CoTurn. Thus, I uninstalled it and fell back to server app defaults (and restarted the mobile apps).

My understanding is that I only need a signalling server if I need to handle heavy load. But I currently have no load at all and only two test users, trying to establish one call. New text messages ARE signalled, but a call is not.

Can someone verify/confirm that THIS is true: The callee receives the call (or a notification at least) if he/she has started the app (in order to register push service) and closed the app (in terms of something else in foreground) before the caller tries to establish the call.

As I already wrote, I can confirm that the call signaling works as expected on mobile devices, similar to normal phone calls. Are you trying to test it on your LAN/WIFI or are you trying to use it over the internet? Are you able to access Nextcloud without any problems using your mobile phone? Have you disabled any kind of ad filters or proxies on your mobile phone?

Thanks for your clarification. As written, the server has an official IP, so I access it as you would do. Since it works on your phone at least, may I setup an account for you and try to call you (in order to make sure server works → phone/mobile OS issue)?

I just tried – again, with different phones, no luck. No issues calling an iOS device, but Android doesn’t work for me. Phones are OnePlus running Android 10. I did disable all power saving features and enabled all notifications. Text messages are signalled right away, calls do nothing except if the chat room is open already (on an unlocked, turned-on device). Any idea how to debug this?

It’s a known issue with Android 10 :