Documentserver Error Onlyoffice does not load

i hope you are doing great.

I have a strange issue. Everything was working fine, but nextcloud got auto updated. Now only office is not working.
I have made domain
And for office, it was

In past, when I opened there was a green tick saying document server is running bla bla bla and all was OK. After the update, when I open it gives an error saying apache cant find the page.

The issue is, I dont know where to start from. I have no idea about that. Can anyone tell me where to look for the document server and how to start it for only office if it is not running ?


How confusing :thinking:
nothing understood …

Ok, ill elaborate. Possibly with screenshots

I installed a VM from this site

I also installed onlyoffice at the time of installed. I opened ports and used certbot (letsencrypt) to create certificate.
My domain was for example:
The domain for onlyoffice was
When i use to open a page like the following use to open.

Everything was working find. but nextcloud auto updated.
After that onlyoffice has stopped working. Now the following page opens.

Which means that the documentserver isnt working. But I dont know how to check that. I have restarted the server, but no change. Can anyone please help. with regards to docker and this documentserver, im totally new. So please help.


Anyone please help

Anyone :frowning:

never mind
the following command did the trick.

docker run -i -t -d -p --restart always --name onlyoffice onlyoffice/documentserver

may be it helps someone.

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I don’t know what to do with it.

The solution gave by @safiullahtariq didn’t work for you ?