Documents cannot be accessed


I’ve got a weird problem. I installed the latest collabora docker image and started it. Configured my web server (nginx) for reverse proxying to the collabora box and set everything up.

When opening a document I can see the access going through nginx in the logs. Also the responses are 101 or 200 so everything is fine. I can also see collabora accessing NextCloud trying to get the document which also gets a 200 response. But in the browser it just watches the moon.

After some time I get the message that my document cannot be accessed and I should try again. I click OK and here we go again. The web UI watches the moon.

After clicking OK collabora is not trying to get the document from nextcloud again because it’s already there (cached) I guess. And now the funny part:

Waiting long enough and clicking “OK” multiple times the document opens and I can work without any problems. It’s there. collabora works as expected. Everything awesome. But opening a document really requires patience.

It’s not an ressource issue. The server is ideling, no load at all while the web UI tries to get the data from collabora. No other processes like Solr, php, nginx, postgres or anything else are occupying the CPU.

Any ideas/hints?




So, after a bit of testing it turns out the problem is the browser …

Firefox/Chrome -> Doesn’t work
Internet Exploiter/Edge -> Works

An older Firefox on Windows 8.1 works fine. The latest Firefox on Windows 10E doesn’t work at all.

It’s just the javascript not rendering anything as it looks so far.

And yes, I disabled any plugins.



Hi, we`ve got the same Problem. Our workaround is: Open a Table (1x1) and the document opens emediatly :smiley: