Documents app for NC

What alternatives to Collabora (10 document limit) and Open office (trial) are there for document editing specifically .doc and other RTF in Nextcloud 12.

Thank you.

OpenOffice is a trial?

You can use ONLYOFFICE, but nothing much else exists as far as I know.

Yes, I meant to say OnlyOffice is a trial. Its not in the best interest of the community to push a barely usable Collabora with no document alternative. Even owncloud has its own native document editor which supports rtf.

OnlyOffice self-installed isn’t a trial. The cloud version is. I’ve been running a document server for 6+ months with no such indication it’s trialware.

I see, but not much better than Collabora with a 20 user limit. Its not clear from their website if its a user limit or document limit. I’m just disappointed NC removed the documents app without freely usable alternatives. That is definitely a user hostile move and I’m guessing it wasn’t the core developers who pushed for it… the cycle repeats… waiting for the next fork because we have standards :sob:

OnlyOffice works fine… to host more than 20 users the same time you would need a very beefy server anyways.

The older Documents App never worked that well anyways… but it really shouldn’t be that hard to get it running on NC12. It’s not really that it was removed, but rather that so far no-one bothered updating it from NC11 as the alternatives are better.

There is also Ownpad by the way, which lets you use Etherpad-Lite and Ethercalc. Both do support standard document formats to some extend.

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Oh good shout, that wasn’t there (AFAIK) when they reached out to me to take it for a spin.
Not cool.


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:clap: this is excellent!

@blizzz but… what of the deprecated libraries the app relies on?

Working on limitless LibreOffice Online docker and non-docker version. Would update soon!


Ain’t this warning enough?

Seriously, it is sad that the underlying technologies and libs are discontinued. Unfortunately I cannot do nothing about it, but trying to keep this running as long as possible in that state, and issue the warning about it.

Eventually, if someone prefers a simplier solution over Collabora/LibreOffice and OnlyOffice, that one would need to look into making it happen.

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I meant more from the perspective of is something happening with those libs but obviously not. No worries :slight_smile:

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Ooops, seems I forgot a smiley after the rhetoric question. Was not meant harsh at all. And a valid question! :beers:

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