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Is it possible to create a document in onlyoffice as a template for other documents? e.g. a letterhead with my name and address. Can I then save the template as a template so that I cannot overwrite it and can also select it in “new document”?

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Let me search this for you:

so i can create a template for my documents with my name and adress?

A template can contain any information.

Please give it a try.

Must it an image or can it also be a docx? With a images as template the file size becomes very large

You have been asking for an office document template.
Why using images?

I looked on your side and it looks like a image.
I will try it.

Where is my “the Files root directory.”? Can you explain it on your link with more screenshots?

Actually, its not template for Onlyoffice. I already seen this article and the author of this article is wrong. He takes a tool from collabora online to create a template… So you have to install collabora online and Onlyoffice both. But you can’t create a template with onlyoffice in dotx format.

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ahhhhh, okay. i am looking for the collabora and don’t find it. But it will be possible to create a template in odt instead of docx. only for the upload

but can i use the template like a template in word for new letters?

Do you have collabora online ?
You can create a document in odt format and open it with onlyoffice. It will be better to create a template with dotx but you cant

it’s uninstalled. there was a mistake in my NC. Do you mean the app “Collabora online”?

Yes the collabora online app and the CODE server

just to clarify this thread and the link to the Tech Republic article :

  • there are 2 office suites for Nextcloud, Collabora Online and OnlyOffice, they are different.
  • the techrepublic talks about “onlyoffice” in its title but the explanations are for “collabora online” …
  • as far as I know (I just checked on my NC 20.0.7 using OnlyOffice 5.6.5) there is no way to use templates in onlyoffice via Nextcloud.
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