Document shows " inactive " in collabora sheets if I switch to another window

How do I make document always stay active and dont show inactive message even if I am not using the windows with the document at the moment I want to keep seeing what others are doing there.

“Inactive document - please click to resume editing”

Found solution after looking trough the code:

Thats the file responsible for the timeout wich is defined on line 820 of the code.

Can anyone tell me what variable needs to be changed in map.js?

It seems to have changed since the OP made this post.

You have to change “42” to “23”.

Sorry, but you post your question under 4 years old Post without any additional Information.

Did you really expect an answer?

Same exact issue as the OP, so yea?

So you use Collabora without nextcloud? Okay, but in case this is the wrong forum.

No, I use Collabora inside of Nextcloud.

I can’t really find anything about Nextcloud in the posts above.
And i can’t really find anything about Nextcloud in this link:

Do you really think that this is the right place for your question an not ?

I made a post over there, but it seems that Nextcloud does not use the standard loolwsd.xml file that Collabora would typically use for this variable.