"Document Loading Failed" error

I am getting a “Document Loading Failed” error when trying to use my collobora server but I’ve looked around the internet and everyone is having this problem, and their is not seem to be a universal fix. It is accepting the URL in nextcloud office so it seems to be “Working”. Does anyone know what this is about, or how to fix it?

UPDATE: demo servers work but my personal server does not. Still have no clue what is happening.

Hello I am Vincent I am a Person and live on the planet earth in the galaxy milkyway.

Your interpertation of everyone is weird am I not included. I do not have this issue your saying everyone has.
and if everyone is having this issue then noone is using it as no one can’t since documents don’t open.

Why are the developers still work on this if it is not working for anyone.

I can go on and on but i’m too insulted for again not being included to everyone.

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I don’t have this problem. Perhaps some details about your setup would prove helpful as there’s currently no basis for troubleshooting.

I find this to be highly suspect and thus dub you allegedly Vincent.

2 things.

  1. Vincent I don’t know your post trying to say but I’m not trying to insult anyone. I’m just saying I have seen a lot of people with the same problem and no one has a single, for everyone, fix. If you search around the forums you will see exactly what I’m talking about.(I say this with as much respect as possible)

  2. @KarlF12 I found a “Fix”. I use an old docker image and that mostly worked. Thank you anyway for the response and think I got it working, The only problem now is I can’t use the newer images but that’s fine.

The docker run command changed for and after versions: CODE Docker image — SDK https://sdk.collaboraonline.com/ documentation

docker run -t -d -p -e "aliasgroup1=https://cloud.yourdomain.tld:443,https://cloud\\.yourdomain\\.tld:443" -e "username=admin" -e "password=Sup3rs3cr3tPa$$w0rd" --name=collabora --restart always collabora/code

You migt also have to change “lool” to “cool” in the reverse proxy configuration: Proxy settings — SDK https://sdk.collaboraonline.com/ documentation

# Encoded slashes need to be allowed
AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode

# Container uses a unique non-signed certificate
SSLProxyEngine On
SSLProxyVerify None
SSLProxyCheckPeerCN Off
SSLProxyCheckPeerName Off

# keep the host
ProxyPreserveHost On

# static html, js, images, etc. served from coolwsd
# browser is the client part of Collabora Online
ProxyPass           /browser retry=0
ProxyPassReverse    /browser

# WOPI discovery URL
ProxyPass           /hosting/discovery retry=0
ProxyPassReverse    /hosting/discovery

# Capabilities
ProxyPass           /hosting/capabilities retry=0
ProxyPassReverse    /hosting/capabilities

# Main websocket
ProxyPassMatch      "/cool/(.*)/ws$"      wss://$1/ws nocanon

# Admin Console websocket
ProxyPass           /cool/adminws wss://

# Download as, Fullscreen presentation and Image upload operations
ProxyPass           /cool
ProxyPassReverse    /cool
# Compatibility with integrations that use the /lool/convert-to endpoint
ProxyPass           /lool
ProxyPassReverse    /lool