Docs for Nextcloud Ubuntu 20.04.2 Server install iso

Hi, I have just downloaded Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, during setup there is an option to install Nextcloud. Ok, typing local IP, Nextcloud is running. So far I understand it is not using Snap.
I can’t find any documentation for further configuration, SSL, there is no access to SMB drives, SMBclient is installed, but Nextcloud shows it is not. Php-SMBclient is removed from Ubuntu repository and so on …
Any links for reading?

Hi @3Dscrewer,

If you have installed Nextcloud directly from the Ubuntu installer, you will have installed the Nextcloud Snap. Hence here is some documentation for it: GitHub - nextcloud/nextcloud-snap: ☁️📦 Nextcloud packaged as a snap
The command your are looking for is most likely: sudo nextcloud.enable-https

Unfortunately, the smbclient doesn’t work in the snap. Here is the issue about this: Add samba (smb) support · Issue #60 · nextcloud/nextcloud-snap · GitHub

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